slcl1butils: functions to play with IFREMER L1B Sentinel-1 SLC SAR products

slcl1butils is a library to exploit level 1-B SAR SLC products. Objets manipulated are all xarray.

Acquisition modes available in L1B IFREMER product family are IW and WV.

The products are netCDF files containing datatree object.

real part SAR cross spectrum



slcl1butils helps to read L1B products (especially IW TOPS Scan SAR acquisitions) containing both intra burst and inter (i.e. overlapping bursts) burst cross spectrum.

Algorithm Technical Baseline Document


The Algorithm Technical Baseline Document (ATBD) describes implemented processing steps from Sentinel-1 SLC product to Level-1C IFREMER products



here are some examples of usage


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